Jumbo Coin Magic Dvd : Joe Jesse

Jumbo Coin Magic is the coin magic that Joe Jesse uses while working Nightclubs, Bars, Restaurants, and even Corperate Events in the surrounding area. Joe wanted to design his routines to be highly visual, require no tables and, if needed, no talking. The Jumbo Coin Magic on this dvd is what helped Joe Jesse win several awards in the magic community.
This is your chance to learn Sleight of Hand. The hardest form of magic, but also the most practical. Using all of the Sleights taught on the Jumbo Coin Magic Dvd, you will be able to create your own routines to fit your needs. With over 8 sleights and more than 4 utilty moves you will have limitless possible combinations.

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After several requests to learn the Jumbo Coin Magic that Joe Jesse performs, Joe Jesse finally has released some of his favorite Jumbo Coin routines.

  • List of content

  • Tenkai Palm
  • Benson Subtelty
  • Curl Palm
  • Heel Palm Steal
  • Effortless Touch (Spellbound)
  • Wiped Clean
  • Retention Vanish
  • Kaps Subtelty
  • Ramsey Throw (Spellbound)
  • ..plus Joe Jesse teaches some
  • Jumbo Coin Magic routines that
  • are great for restaurant workers!!
  • Shot with several camera angle for easy
  • learning

  • SOLD OUT!!!

    Read what several of the top performers in their fields has to say about Jumbo Coin Magic.

    "I just had the pleasure of seeing Joe Jesse's dvd Jumbo Coin Magic. This dvd is must for the serious coin worker who wnats to get into Jumbo Coins. If you you are looking for fan fair you will not get it on this dvd. Although if you want to learn how to perform various sleights and transpositions with easy to understand instructions this is a teriffic teaching dvd... It was also a treat seeing my good friend and balloon expert Trois Pendleton doing the intro. Joe Jesse's IMO has released another excellent teaching coin dvd."
    -Vinny Marini, The Godfather of Magic-

    "We just got back from England and lo and behold, there was your latest DVD waiting in the mail. Love it! Wish I had seen it before we took off two weeks ago, as I performed my close-up act over there along with everything else, and I have a brief Jumbo Coin routine at the end. Thanks also for the inside "Thanks Charlie" comment while you were juggling the jumbo coin around. Anyhoo, I truly appreciate you sharing your latest DVD Jumbo Coin Magic with me just as much as I appreciate your entertaining skill. Bravo!"
    -Charlie and Sherry Frye-