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Xtreme Koin Magic is the coin magic that Joe Jesse uses while working Nightclubs and Bars in the surrounding area. Joe wanted to design his routines to be highly visual, require no tables and, if needed, no talking.
This is your chance to learn Sleight of Hand. The hardest form of magic, but also the most practical. Using all of the Sleights taught on Xtreme Koin Magic you will be able to create your own routines to fit your needs. With over 10 sleights and more than 5 different flourishes you will have limitless possible combinations.

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After a complete sellout of his first edition of Xtreme Koin Magic, the second edition is here. New awsome cover artwork, same brilliant content.

  • List of content

  • Thumb Palm
  • Benson Subtelty
  • Flying Vernon Load
  • Downs Palm
  • Classic Palm
  • Spider Vanish
  • Retention Vanish
  • Kaps Subtelty
  • Ramsey Subtelty
  • Muscle Pass
  • Coin Roll
  • Split Rollout
  • 4 Coin Downs star
  • 5 Coin Downs star
  • Multiple Coin toss
  • Cobra Coins..
  • a complete walkaround routine
  • that requires no tables, no patter,
  • totally impromptu.
  • Shot with several camera angle for easy
  • learning
  • SOLD OUT!!!

    Read what several of the top performers in their fields has to say about Xtreme Koin Magic

    "Regarding your instructional DVD Xtreme Koin Magic-- EXCELLENT. Love your style; love your technique. Congrats on putting out such a fine product.
    The LVMI was just held this past weekend here.
    Saw some pretty cool things but nothing to rival the box/deck handling sequence you showed us in Miami. I'm still pleasantly blown away by it. Looking forward to the next time our paths cross, and until then take care and thanks again for everything!"
    -Charlie & Sherry-
    "Got the DVD Xtreme Koin Magic today! Thank you! That is unreal! It makes me both want to put some serious time into coins and to never pick up a coin again, because it would take too long to get to your level!
    I will try to get some of the moves at least! Thanks and bravo! Just unbelievable skill!"
    -Jerry "The Flourishman" Cestkowski-
    "If you are looking for a nice close up routine that can be done under virtually any circumstances, and clear instruction on how to learn the moves necessary, Xtreme Koin Magic may be the DVD for you."
    "Joe not only is an excellent coin worker but he is also a excellent teacher. For me it is the material on Xtreme Koin Magic dvd that counts not how hollywood it is, and Joe Jesse has exelled in that."
    -Vinny Marini, The Godfather of Magic-
    "Great dvd. I liked it so much I took it to my local magic club and showed it to the members. They were blown away by how professional it looked. Definatly worth the money"
    -Mickey Silver-
    "Hey Joe, You're stuff is topnotch dude.... your "Xtreme Koin Magic" dvd is chock full of great moves and routines, not to mention great production value....very cool stuff and "Xtremely" well done.
    Everyone here knows the high quality of your work and I'm sure they'll be looking for you to shine in the Godfather's La Famiglia...I can't wait!"
    -Marion Boykin-
    "I thought I'd never even think about trying to learn coin magic/manipulation. This was before I watched this DVD. Ever think it looks to hard and impossible to master? So did I.
    Joe's excellent teaching, with different camera angles, clear picture and vital pointers on each sleight made me confident enough to try it out."
    -Josef Runsten-
    No longer a pure card manipulator

    Comments from Ebay buyers

    "Effortless transaction good product 5 stars"
    "Very nice dvd, very imformative. Thanks, AAAAAAA++++++"
    "Joe, Great dvd!! Thanks for the super fast service!!"

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